Our third full-lenght album SACRIFICE is here!!! Filled with 11 new songs. Hell yeah!!!

SACRIFICE is darker, more brutal and heavier than ever before! Haha, no but living makes you need to scream and we’re getting older so the more darkness the better!

You’ll find a living drumming d-beat machine, distorted harmonies, crust, käng and dark rock’n’roll. You’ll also find some slow, some 4-beat and three vicious madams singing and screaming as much as possible.

You’ll get it digitally on our bandcamp or together with a beautiful black or transparent ORANGE LP!

Recorded summer 2018 by Oskar Karlsson at Element Studio, Göteborg, Sweden.
Mastered 2019 by Göran Finnberg, The Mastering Room.
Artwork by Frida Andersson.
Released by Ruin Nation Records.

Thank you all ❤

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