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VICIOUS IRENE – Distorted state of mind CD/LP

10 years after their first full lenght “Pink Pollution” (which was followed by 4 further CDs & EPs), VICIOUS IRENE from Gothenburg, Sweden, are back with a brand new album! Within all these years of playing and writing songs together, VICIOUS IRENE have managed to create a style of individual Hardcore punk that melts together elements of classic Scandi D-Beat, Jap-Core and nineties Grunge/Punk, forming a stomping and massive beast of Grrrl Punk (all members are female). 10 new tracks that give you an imagination of DISCHARGE meeting up with L7 or BIKINI KILL to discuss gender, feminism and authoritarian politics over a tea or booze bootle (you decide) not forgetting irony and humor… – The recording is a screaming steamroller of sheer and raw heavy noise and pounding drums. Comparsions to other bands probably don’t judge VICIOUS IRENE in 2012, as they sound as unique and fresh as no other band I can think of at the moment. Great album, I am really happy to be part of this project!


VICIOUS IRENE – Trash your future 7″ EP

Vicious Irene from Sweden are a 4 piece female melodic hardcore band, that have been going since 2001 however this is the first release of theirs that I have heard and I want more, from the beginning this is a savage release with a nice up tempo drum beat leading to what seems like something by a D-Beat band but before they kick in to “A Constant Fight” a song about equality for females in this macho bullshit scene of ours. The solid drumming continues throughout the 7″ being the backbone of the record, the guitar brings in some nice simple but deadly riffs which give a real rocking hardcore sound, and the female melodic singing/shouting giving the real melodic feel to the record and with a couple of members joining at times to create a gang chorus. My favourite song has got to be the final track ‘Hysteria’ just a real kicking track that slows down during the chorus bringing this kinda grungy kinda feel before kicking back to full throttle again before finally bowing out with a slow kinda grungy sound once again. Really really deadly 7″ every track is amazing and is a solid in every way. Deadly!!!!


VICIOUS IRENE – Trash your future 7″ EP

It’s not an easy job to review your own releases without getting too much into a hysteria (!) about how amazing it is. Well… this is one of a real hard one since I think it´s absolutely fantastic! – These 4 young ladies hailing from Gothenburg (Sweden) surprised me last CSE tour with their blistering and massive mixture of punk rock and the odd early nineties “L7″ grunge influence while beating it into bits with a harsh and uncompromising d-beat / crustcore overtone. – Dual female vocals pointing social political lyrics and topics and 4 songs in total (CD version will have one more…) that will make you rave with fists in the air and your stereo wandering towards your room. Annoying your neighbors never was such fun before! All put together on this slap of 7″ vinyl including great photography art by Christina Bloom and artwork from Igor Absorte – Get this… Honestly, this band is awesome.


July- August 2005, #49

VICIOUS IRENE – Takin the night back CD

Vicious Irene are an all girl trio from Gothenburg, Sweden, playing tight rockin’ punk that makes me varm and fuzzy for badass females playing music everywhere. Their style is raw, to the point, pissed off. All components of the band are talanted as hell, the vocal melodies are right on, the lyrics are simple and straight forward ideas of feminism (including a song about being in an all girl band, with a big hearty fuck you! to critics). And I love “Agoraphobia”, “I’ve got a people allergy”. Hell yeah. (Hatchet)

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