About Vicious Irene

Vicious Irene is a screaming mean punkrock machine that’s been distorting the world since 2001. Influenced by everything we like, as anarcho punx, riot grrrls, d-beat and rock’n’roll, we recorded two full-lenghts and four EP’s and played over 200 shows in 15 countries. Put your fists in the air and your dancing shoes on and together we’ll smash patriarchy, the capitalist system and liberate our animal friends while having a helluva good time!

Maria Chaos – drums
Lotta Trouble – guitar, vocals
Mad Molly – guitar, vocals
Freddy Venom – bass, vocals


One thought on “About Vicious Irene

  1. Oj. Hej.. Chris från Stockholn här. Snackade med Malin/Molly på Gula Villan häromsistens.. det gick sådär. Jag vill ge det ett nyktert försök. 🙂 Så jag hoppas att jag hittar dig den här vägen.
    Hör av dig.

    När jorden går under så vill jag hänga med er. // Chris.

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