Gig in Stockholm on the 24th of February


Gig on Friday 31 of March

Hey hey,
We are playing at Truckstop on Friday filling in for Discharge since they unfortunately had to cancel their gig. We will try to do this in the most crashing way that we can. And also, the smashing awesome bands Asocial and Avskum will raise the fear to the sky and down to the abyss. So yeah, come and warm up your feet and fists and show your d-beat dancing skills and chasm roars. See you on Friday at Truckstop!

Gig in Stockholm – 19 november

Soon a new month and a new gig is coming up!
See you in Stockholm the 19th of November!!

Gig in Berlin & Oldenburg 21-22 October

We’re going to Berlin and Oldenburg the 21-22 of October for 2 festivals, see you there!

Disister tour 2016 with Vicious Irene and Contorture

New record release!!!


We got our new record whoho!!!

It’s a LP split together with the band Vehemence!!

Thanks to Ruin Nation Records and Black Out Brigade for releasing it!!

It’s been recorded and mixed in the studio The Recording Machine (by Pontus Redig) and mixed by Göran Finnberg, thanks!!

The awesome artwork is made by Katya in Vehemence. ❤

You can soon be able to listen to it at our band camp, until then listen to it here:

See us in Germany and Malmö next weekend!

Exhibition – the music scene in Gothenburg 1955-2018

Vicious Irene is attending an exhibition about the music scene in Gothenburg between the years 1955-2018. An interview, a few photos of us and soundclips with our music will be shown. Many artists and venues are on display.

Go to the opening on the 14th of November at 15 pm!! At the City Museum in Gothenburg.

The exhibition is between 14 november 201514 januari 2018. Swedish English

Split-LP and tour coming up!!


We are going on a short European tour to celebrate our upcoming release of the split-LP we made with our lovely friends in Vehemence! The split is at the pressing factory and hopefullt it will be ready for the tour… but anyway we are ready to come play and dance with all of our old and new friends in Germany and France. Thanks to Vehemence, Pontus Redig for recording, Stevie from Ruin Nation Records and Jerome from Blackout Brigade.

Vicious Irene live in Göteborg after months and months of hibernation!

We are happy to announce that we have been invited to play at our beloved 128(A) on April 25th!

Bad Noids from Cleveland and Direct Youth from K-town are headlining and we will all do out best to entertain the shit out of you!!

More info about you will find at

See you!